Gratitude II

1. Taking time off to see my brother in the hospital and getting notes via Remind from my students asking me if both I and he are okay

2. Coming back to a note from the substitute telling me that she had an awesome day

3. Accidentally sleeping through my alarm this morning (let’s blame Daylight Saving Time) and having a boss who laughs when I call in “late”

4. My sick dog grabbing a toy, ready to play again

5. Remembering that THIS is the week we start reading Beowulf

6. Being able to introduce my older brother to a band that is new to him

7. Having lunch with my parents

8. Getting an email from a student wishing me a happy International Woman’s Day

9. Remembering that this weekend is the 2nd Annual Pours-for-Paws wine tasting fundraiser at the shelter where I volunteer

10. David Bowie

4 thoughts on “Gratitude II

  1. You have much to be grateful for as shown in this list. Many times it is all about our perspective and you seem to be looking for the bright side of things! Thanks for reminding me to do the same!


  2. Such a fabulous list – it made me smile, especially the last entry! What a great boss. Hope all is well with your brother. Bless those students, checking on you … that especially warms my heart.

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