Mind Pa…

In the BBC show Sherlock, the title character talks about his mind palace, which is a space he creates in his mind in order to “put things away” and find them later. I am fascinated with this concept.

My problem is follow through. I know I am not alone with this issue. Many people have great ideas that never get beyond that initial stage precisely because they cannot seem to move from thought to action.

Like this mind palace thing. I bought a book on it. It seems like something I could do if I could simply set aside maybe 15 minutes a day.

And this very writing task I’m doing. I have already missed a few days. Why? My follow through is awful.

I think part of my problem is that I want to do a lot. It’s a matter, once more, of sacrificing good for great. Instead of scheduling a little here and there, I think to myself, I should wait until summer or break or some other to start so I can do this right.

So just as I am writing here when I can (and not writing any masterpieces, I might add), I will try my hand at building a mind tiny house instead of a mind palace. I can always add a second floor later.

3 thoughts on “Mind Pa…

  1. Indeed – many people have the same problem and want to do great right away. Yet in order to build a palace one always has to start at the foundation and build up. The ten minutes a day helps us slowly create a loving place. I appreciate your thinking today.

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  2. I love that show, and I love the way Doyle presented the concept of a mind palace in the original canon. Good stuff. I, too, have a difficult time with follow through. That might be because I want to do so many things as well. I like your idea, though, of building a mind tiny house. That’s a great start!


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